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Terry Seidler 2017-02-23

Code is code… right?

A couple of weeks ago I had a look at my wife’s Phd. project on GitHub. It’s a mix of Python, C and C++ code, all written by people of the TU Delft phyisics department. Looking at the project I found it hard to understand some of code and asked her:

Terry Seidler What does the variable A do? Why is is named A?

She wanted to know what A and what line I meant, so I told her:

Terry Seidler A = 5 * E_BZ

Her reply:

A Theulings Oooooh, you mean the capital letter A! We named it A because that’s the name we gave it in the paper.

This style of code is perfectly fine for academics, but would never pass a real-life code review at @OGD-software. In this series of posts I’ll have a look at university projects on GitHub and refactor some of the code to highlight the differences between our code styles.

The languages

Looking around on the internet it seems the main languages used in universities are C, Java, C++, Python, Matlab en JavaScript. I’ll have a look at a C project first and evaluate other languages/projects later.

Top programming languages